About Charm

Charm Digital Media is more than a marketing agency – we are an extension of your business. We choose the name Charm because that is what we do. As digital marketing experts, we create loyal fans out of strangers by connecting with your audience, nurturing relationships and building trust – Charming them

Understanding Your Audience

Our goal is to understand your business and your customers on a human level and create strategies to reach them online, in-store or anywhere they interact with your brand.  As your digital marketing experts, we will implement a plan that aligns with your budget and goals to begin scaling your company at a rate that you can manage and that creates the level of success you are seeking.

Lead Generation

Lead generation is difficult. That is why marketing is one of the largest sections on a business plan.  How will you attract people to your business and convince them that your service is the best solution?  The most efficient and affordable way to generate leads is through digital marketing and creating a funnel for your customers.  There are many ways to reach your customers.  There is not a right way or wrong way (well, there can be wrong ways), the best way is a strategy sustainable, consistent and best represents your company values.

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What goes into a marketing strategy?

Every client has a different story and different goals to achieve.  Success may come in the form of foot-traffic, web-traffic, social media likes, follows or shares, conversions, brand awareness or revenue.  Our team will work to establish key performance indicators, analyze reports, monitor campaigns and create cost-effective ways to reach your audience.

How do we reach customers?

We start with a solid understanding of who they are, where they work, play and live.  In understanding their needs, we can position your product or service to fulfill them.  A combination of content, social media, advertisements, SEO, email marketing, branding and design development, public relations, event marketing, video assets and apps may be used to charm, connect and convert strangers into loyal fans and customers.

What type of clients do we work with?

Our expert team will provide you with a full suite of digital marketing services or we can help you accomplish individual projects.  We are digital strategists, video marketing experts, creative designers, campaign gurus and web optimization ninjas.  Most of all we are passionate about great marketing campaigns, growing revenues and using the latest technological tools to reach customers online.

We know that marketing is changing faster than most firms can keep up.  Whether you need support on a campaign or to develop your entire marketing program, Charm Digital Media is here to help!  We have digital marketing expertise across marketing channels including:

Search Engine Optimization – Help people find your business online

Search Engine Marketing/Advertising – Advertise your company to people online

Web Design – Create a website that allows you to communicate with views as well as capture new leads

Content Marketing – Tell your story and offer value through keyword targeted content.

Social Media Management – Engage with your audience through social channels on a consistent basis.

Chat Bots –  Allow interaction with your customer as they are browsing your marketing channels.

Funnels – Move your customers from cold to hot leads using a combination of all of the tactics above.

Charm Digital Media Headshot Nicole Standish - Digital Marketing Expert

Nicole Standish – President