Easy Guide for SEO Optimized Content

SEO Optimized Content Formatting By Charm Digital Media

Easy Guide for SEO Optimized Content

Easy Content Formatting By Charm Digital MediaWhen you have written a great piece of content to share with your followers, it feels like a huge relief.  All the research and editing have paid off and you are now ready to share your expertise or story.  There is one more thing to consider: Content Format.  This guide will help you optimize your content for SEO. 

Blogging has changed since its storytelling beginnings.  In the early days, you would write your thoughts like a book, the longer the better.  Your message would be buried somewhere in your creative writing and people would be expected to read it in its entirety.  Fast forward to today, the average reader will give you 7 seconds to capture their attention.  Here are 5 tips to help you do that:

1. Make it Scanable 

When you break your blog post up, you make it easy to scan.  Readers enjoy this because they can go right to the information they are seeking and decide quickly if this blog post answers their questions or intrigues them enough to read more.  Large paragraphs overwhelm people and they may close the post thinking they will “read it again when they have more time”,  but we all know they aren’t coming back.  So, encourage them to stay with easy to read headings and topic sections. 

2. Optimize Headings for SEO 

Use your keywords prominently in your headings to improve your searchability. Seach engines are busy scanning your post for headings that are relevant to the Googlers’ search. This is is an easy way to boost SEO and also adds to that scanability that we already talked about.  On that note, don’t use just any headings.  Your title should be your H1 heading.  Your subheadings should be your H2 and/or H3 headings. This is another optimization tool for readers and search engines. 

On that note, don’t use just any headings.  Your title should be your H1 heading.  Your subheadings should be your H2 and/or H3 headings. This is another optimization tool for readers and helps search engines decipher your blog post. 

3. Add Images or Video 

Visual Content Marketing Example by Charm Digital Media All of your posts should have some kind of visual draw.  Stock images are readily available through sources like Unsplash and Burst,.  You can even search for the industry or emotion you are speaking to in your content.  Or, be creative with your work-space, team and environment to create your own style of photos to add to your blog posts.  Be sure to change the image title and metadata to take advantage of your keywords as well.  

4. Limit Categories and Tags

It’s easy to go overboard with your categories and tags, but it is also counterproductive.  Use categories to outline your services or the overarching themes of your business.  If you need a little bit more detail consider a sub-category.  This will help your readers find the content that is relevant to them. 

Similarly, with tags, they are best when used sparingly.  Tags are a great way to highlight the keywords of your post.  For example, for this post, I used the category Content Marketing and tagged it with Content Format and SEO Optimized Blog Posts.  I could add more tags if I felt they were relevant, but I like to keep things really simple.  Try to think about what your customer would search for and include those terms in your tags.  

5. End With a Call-To-Action

And finally, the call-to-action.  What do you want your guests to do as they prepare to exit your post?  Should they sign up for your newsletter or learn more about your services?  Do you have an awesome e-book they could download to learn more about a topic?  Be sure to ask your readers to continue their relationship with your business by taking the next step. 

Follow these basic content writing steps and your readers will appreciate the ease at which they can find the information they are seeking, and search engines will reward you by showing your post to more people that can enjoy it! 

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