Generating Sales Online – An Exercise For Doubters

Generating Sales Online_Facebook Funnel at Charm Digital Media

Generating Sales Online – An Exercise For Doubters

Are you capturing all of the leads your website produces?  If not, you may be missing out on thousands of sales!  If you doubt that your website can generate warm and even hot leads, I encourage you to go through this exercise and I will help you determine if there is enough search volume for your business to succeed at generating sales online. 


Step 1. Determine Search Volume 

Marketing Funnel Exercise _Charm Digital Media One easy way to tell if people are searching online for what you offer is to do a keyword search.  Say for example you operate a golf course near Syracuse, NY.   A simple Keyword Planner search reveals that people search up to 1,000 times per month for “Syracuse Golf Courses”  And the competition for ranking for this search term is low.  This means that with a little effort you could easily come up on the first page of Google when a golfer is searching for nearby courses, potentially garnering you 1,000 leads per month.   

If the search volumes are low, consider other terms people might use to find your business as well as trends in your industry.  If you exhaust all of your options and none of the results have enough volume to justify an investment in digital marketing, then your journey in this exercise might stop here.  For most people, the next step is optimizing their website for search. 

 Step 2. Optimize Website (SEO)

Now you know people are searching for what you offer and you know that the viewer is likely to visit one of the courses listed on the first page of Google.  The next step is to visit your website and re-arrange all of the titles and meta-data in your site to include those keywords (Syracuse Golf Courses).  Go through all of your pictures and add your target keywords as well as the name of your golf course for example:  “Golf League Tees Off at XYZ Golf Course in Syracuse, NY” 

Tip: Be sure your analytics tracking code is set up before making these changes. 

Tip 2: Consider variations of your keywords for example (Golf Clubs Syracuse, Syracuse Golf Clubs, Best Golf Course, Syracuse…etc.) 


 Step 3. Track Visitors Using Google Analytics 

The changes you made should make an impact on your Google positioning.  If you are not yet on the first page, consider writing blog content with those keywords.  The more times you include the target keywords with relevant content, the higher your position will be on Google.  

If you are on the first page, congratulations!  You should start to see a spike in website traffic coming from organic search. Now to take advantage of all that traffic and begin generating sales online… 


 Step 4. Retarget Website Visitors For Conversions

So, now you are attracting more attention to your website and letting people know that your course is one they should consider visiting.  How do you capture these warm leads and get them on the course?  You have now entered Phase 2.  Facebook Marketing. 

If your potential customer uses Facebook in their daily lives like the other 2 billion of us, it is likely that Facebook has a huge amount of data on their interests.  By installing a Facebook Pixel -which is easy to do- on your website, you can follow a person who has visited your website and show them an advertisement for your golf course on Facebook.  Create an amazing offer such as a percentage off, a free meal at the clubhouse, a VIP lesson, or anything that will entice them to redeem. 

You are now generating sales online! 


 Step 5. Tracking ROI and Scaling 

But just when you thought that was compelling enough, there is another amazing benefit to this type of sales funnel – Data.  You will be able to tell exactly how much it costs to attract that customer.  If your advertising is costing $1,000 a month but generating $5,000 in sales, you know you made a great investment. Use that $5,000 to generate $25,000 and now you are a really happy golf course owner/operator. 


The Art of the Funnel

What you have created is a funnel.   A Google searcher had a problem.  The went online to solve it.  Their search leads them to your website where they poked around.  Being that it was their first visit, they didn’t take an action quite yet.  A few days later they are scrolling through their Facebook feed and they come across your golf course again.  This time there is an offer they cannot refuse.  They take advantage of your offering and decide to give your course a try. 

If they did not take action this time, guess what?  Re-target them again with a new offer or advertisement or offer them another way to connect with you such as an email newsletter. You have many ways to convert the website browser into a customer. 

Generating Sales Online is that Easy! 

Now consider what would have happened to that website visitor had you not set up a funnel. They would have moved on to another course or possibly tried out yours eventually but you really wouldn’t have a way of knowing for sure if you weren’t invested in your website and its potential to generate income. 

And now, I bet you are wondering why you ever doubted digital marketing, to begin with!  Once you see how many people are actually searching for what you offer, the effort and investment make more sense.  

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