The Content Mix: How Much and What Type of Content Do You Need?

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The Content Mix: How Much and What Type of Content Do You Need?

So, we know that content is King.  And video is next in line to rule the digital kingdom. But how do we know how much content we should be creating in order to to get to the top (or stay at the top)?

Strategy first 

In order to determine the right amount of content to produce, you have to go back to your strategy and answer a few questions:

Who is your target audience?
Where do they spend time online
How much time do they spend online? On your site?
How much research do they tend to do before they make a purchase?
What is your competition doing?  Are they putting out one piece a week, once a day or maybe they aren’t even in the digital game yet? 
What is your google rank (hint: if it’s not page 1, you need to step up your content game)   

Analyze your data

What are your analytics telling you? If your website traffic is growing slowly, it may be time to step up your game.  On the other hand, if you are hitting your goals and seeing your page rank climb as planned, you may be doing things just right.  Be sure to check out your most popular topics, content pieces, calls-to-action and landing pages.  


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There is never too much content 

As long as you are producing high-quality, valuable content, you can never have too much.  A great goal in a competitive environment would be one post a day.  If that seems unrealistic for the size of your team and your assets, aim for one post a week and build from there. 

The content mix

While there is never too much content, there can be too much of the same type of content.  Try to mix your assets up to keep things interesting.  Offer infographics, vary the length of your blog posts, create engaging videos, consider webinars or podcasts and share relevant articles from other thought leaders in your industry.  Study the engagement on each type of content and determine where people spend the most time and the pieces with the highest conversion rates. 

So, the answer is?

Every business is different. The best way to create a content strategy is to really understand your buyer and create assets that answer their questions and help them feel comfortable with you.  Charm them!   Create traffic and conversion goals, review your analytics religiously, work towards that top google ranking and you will find success in your content strategy. 

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