How to Develop a Video Content Strategy & Grow Your Customer Base

Video Content Strategy Tips - Charm Digital Media

How to Develop a Video Content Strategy & Grow Your Customer Base

Video Content Strategy Tips - Charm Digital MediaDeveloping an effective video content strategy is all about working smarter rather than harder. With the proper planning, you can fill your content calendar with thoughtfully produced videos that highlight your company, engage with your audience and create opportunities to your to grow your customer base.  As with any marketing campaign, the key is developing a targeted strategy and being consistent in your execution. It sounds harder than it is, follow along for tips on how to accomplish your video content goals. 

Define Your Video Content Succes Story

First, you have to define your kind of success. What you consider a measure of success is likely to differ from that of your competitors. For example, you may define success by the number of subscribers the video content draws or you may be seeking engagement and comments.  Create a goal for your video or video series and continue to modify your goals as you reach your targets.  

Identify Your Audience

Second, identify your audience. Know the audience worth creating the content for rather than generalizing. For whom are you creating the videos? Which people do you want to reach out to with the message contained in your videos? Answer these questions – and any other – that you have and you will be on the way to growing your customer base with the videos. 

Identify Content You Can Produce Consistently and Frequently

Third, you need to identify the type of content you can produce consistently. How will you maintain – or improve – the quality of the content you wish to begin producing?  Do not produce the kind of content that you will struggle churning consistently. Otherwise, the customer base you wish to see growing will only shrink.

  • Be consistent in your messaging
  • Be consistent with the frequency at which you produce the videos.
  • Can you produce new videos daily? If not, consider producing them weekly or monthly.

White Knight Productions, a leader in video production and video content lists a number of ways to use video effectively including explainer videos, teasers, recruiting pieces and more. 


Identify Strategies for Driving Traffic to Your Videos

Additionally, evaluate how you intend to drive or increase traffic to the videos you produce. To do this, you will have to increase awareness of the videos. Use humor or emotions to attract people and keep them engaged.  Your video content should reflect the type of brand you have created in its imagery and messaging. Whether your goal is to improve brand awareness, sell products, promote services, share stories or demonstrate products, your video content should not be a sales pitch. They should inform, entertain, educate and create an opportunity for you to connect with your target audience. 

Review Your Video Content Analytics

Be sure to check the stats on your video content as often as possible. Review your views, clicks, conversions, subscribes, unsubscribes and most importantly, your fall off rate.   Is your audience watching the video in its entirety?  If not, they may be missing important information that is at the end of your videos.  Is there a trend in where they may be leaving your content?  This information will help you gauge the length and content you should aim for in future videos. 

Include a Call to Action

 A call to action is simply what you want the audience to do once they finish watching the videos. For example, a call to action could be you asking the audience to subscribe, share the content, or visit your website for more information. You can be creative with your CTA’s, inserting them throughout the video as long as they are done tastefully. 


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With these tips, you should be in great shape to begin creating video content for social and marketing channels.  Don’t be afraid to show your personality, that is really what people will be drawn to.  If you would like more tips on using video, subscribe to our video content emails using the form below. 


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