Video Marketing for Beginners: How to Get Started [Video]

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Video Marketing for Beginners: How to Get Started [Video]

It is estimated that 80% of web consumption will be in video form by 2019.  You can see this trend already with a simple scroll through your social media channels.   Video is appearing much more frequently from major brands as well as small businesses.   Everyone from service providers to product manufacturers are taking advantage of video marketing to highlight their offerings and connect with people on a more personal level.

If you are new to video, it can seem overwhelming.  Where do you get started?

Fortunately, there are many options available to you, even if your budget is tight.   

The best thing about video marketing today is that it can actually be quite simple to produce.  Gone are the days when you had to call a production team, plan a shoot and write a lengthy script.  While consumers do want to see your videos, they will only allow you a few seconds to hook them.  According to Animoto, Nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer video under 60 seconds.

5 Ways to add video marketing to your strategy

There are more ways to accomplish your goals than this, but 

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1. Live Stream

According to, live stream is the video choice of the future.  Platforms such as Periscope, Facebook Live, Meerkat and now YouTube Live, offer the ability to showcase products and services to your customers without all the production.  Live streaming is an opportunity to tell your story, connect with your consumers and create trusted relationships with your audience all from your smartphone. 


2. Video Editing Software

Creating branded videos in-house is another option.  Video editing and animation software has made creating videos a cinch. (If you have the time and patience to learn software.)

Movie Maker is a Microsoft product that most people have already installed on their computer.  This program is limited in capabilities but has just enough of the basics to create an attractive video with nominal effort.    Simply upload your video footage or photo assets to the program, arrange them in a cohesive layout, add animations and music and upload it to YouTube. And just like that, you have a video that can be shared across your marketing channels.  

There are of course many other video editing programs, check out this guide for more: The Best Video Editing Software of 2017


3. Hire a video marketing content team

Video content is made a little differently than full production videos.  Video content teams work with clients to create a video strategy and then create bite-sized videos that will supplement their marketing efforts.  They will do the heavy lifting for you in the case that you do not trust yourself to DIY your videos.  These are the best options for businesses who do not have the time to create effective videos themselves but know that they need to use video to compete. 

This is an affordable and quick solution to get high-quality video and be sure that your video investment is effective and efficient. 

4. Hire a production crew

Video production agencies are the most expensive option, but they are worth the investment.  If budget is a concern, you could film a longer story and break it up into more consumable pieces to share over a period of time.  This will keep minimize your production expenses and keep your audience coming back for more.    Hiring a film crew ensures you have a skilled team that can present your brand in its best light.  Great production teams have animators, scriptwriters, and in-house marketing teams to help you acheieve your goals and measure your ROI. 

 5. Discover Lumen5 

Lumen5 is a video creation tool designed to make video engagement simple.  The idea is that you can take your written content and break it up into video scenes.  Using stock images or your own assets, you can quickly transform your blog posts into video content.  I made one quickly using this blog post.  Check it out: 

Get ahead of the competition with these video marketing tips

Video marketing is growing faster than the need for written content did over the past 5 years.  The world wants an inside view of your company, your personality, and your story.  Sharing video is the fastest way to engage and get a jump on your competition who is probably not considering video‚Ķ yet!


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